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Restoration of Firearms Rights in Fayetteville, NC


Serving Fayetteville, Hope Mills, Spring Lake, Fort Bragg, and all of Cumberland County

Firearm resting on an American flag

Convicted felons lose their constitutional right to bear arms as a result of their felony conviction, even those for minor or nonviolent offenses.  Now there is a way for convicted felons who may not be able to expunge their conviction to once again protect themselves, their homes, and their families through a Restoration of Firearms Rights.  We may  be able to help you legally enjoy your Second Amendment rights again. 


There are a lot of requirements to restore your firearms rights, with the primary one being a 20 year waiting period from the date of the restoration of your citizenship rights (other than firearms rights), which is generally the date of your release from probation, prison, or post-release release supervision.  Unlike a felony conviction expunction under North Carolina General Statute 15A-145.5, you can have other misdemeanor convictions along with your disqualifying felony conviction, unless one of thse misdemeanor convictions disqualifies you from restoring your rights, such as a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction.


If you are currently unable to legally own a firearm as a result of a felony conviction, contact Fayetteville Restoration of Firearms Rights Attorney Adam Barrington to discuss whether you might qualify to have your firearms rights restored to you.  He can be reached at (910) 433-2000 to setup a free consultation to discuss your case. 

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